14th November Minutes

Parish Council Minutes Uploaded on January 3, 2024



Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 14th November 2023 in the Village Hall commencing at 7.30pm.


Councillors present:     Playle (Chair), Green, Prosser and Rowe


Also in attendance:      Cllr Combellack (RBC) and 8 parishioners

1.   Opening – Cllr Playle (Chair) – extended his thanks to Julie Holland (retiring Clerk) for her contribution over the last two years.


  1. Apologies – Cllr Lamb & NCC Cllr Cottee


  1. Declarations of Interest – Cllr Playle declared an interest in the A E Faulks Ltd planning application (item 7).


  1. Acceptance of minutes – HPC minutes dated 3rd October 2023 – APPROVED and signed by Cllr Playle as a true record.


  1. Co-option of new councillor – Cllr Green introduced Mike Conway to the meeting and proposed that he be co-opted as a new councillor. AGREED by all councillors.


  1. Open session – Cllr Playle opened the session by extending thanks to all councillors and parishioners who offer their time and assistance to make Hickling parish a parish to be proud of.


Traffic issues, HGVs and speeding – Cllr Combellack presented a traffic survey that she had undertaken with householders residing on Clawson Lane, a section of Main Street (from Clawson Lane to Bridegate Lane) and Bridegate Lane (Hickling village end). The purpose of the survey was to gather feedback regarding speeding, HGVs in the village and possible traffic-calming measures.


Councillors agreed to review the survey and respond at the next full meeting.


HGV traffic – Main Street parishioner muted that the parish should value the traffic restrictions ordinarily in place in the village and referred parishioners to the Lorry Watch scheme for reporting lorry movements in the village that contravened the traffic restrictions.


Councillors advised that the Lorry Watch scheme had been recently promoted in the village and asked that the parishioner write a piece for publication in the Hickling Standard to raise awareness.


  1. Planning Applications


Reference: 23/01651/FUL
Applicant: Mr. Paul Frost
Development: Replacement of existing structures and units on site with 2 no. detached houses and 2 no. semi-detached houses alongside additional open green space. Change of use to residential dwellings (class C3). Detention pond
Location: A E Faulks Ltd, The Wharf, Main Street, Hickling, Nottinghamshire


RESOLVED – SUPPORT with conditions:


This proves to be a much-improved scheme on the previously submitted application and the Parish Council are in favour of redevelopment of the brownfield site in accordance with HNP Policy H11 (Wharf) and H14 (Housing Mix) – 3 bedroomed houses.

The plan shows a regard for the amenities of neighbouring residents, especially in terms of overlooking, and shows a reduction in scale and mass.

There is also support from local neighbours.


Conditions requested:


  1. Working hours for developing the site are restricted to the following times:

Monday to Friday 8.00am – 5.00pm (including deliveries to site)

Weekends and Bank Holidays – no working or deliveries


  1. Permitted development rights are specifically removed from the development and its dwellings in order to
  • maintain the integrity of the application
  • safeguard the neighbours’ interests
  • protect the character of the Conservation Area
  • according with the HNP policies (housing mix)


  1. No crushing of bricks or other materials to be permitted onsite.


  1. A dust and noise plan is submitted and agreed with RBC/LPA prior to commencement of work on the site.


Reference: 23/01813/FUL
Applicant: Mr. David Taylor
Development: New agricultural building to be used as cattle shed
Location: Turnpike Farm, Melton Road, Hickling Pastures, Nottinghamshire LE14 3QG




Reference: 23/01955/FUL
Applicant: Mr. C Grice
Development: Proposed use of a wide beamed canal boat for additional seating for existing tea room with associated additional parking
Location: Old Wharf Tea Rooms, Main Street, Hickling, Nottinghamshire LE14 3AH


RESOLVED – OBJECT (see Appendix 1 available on the website for full consultee comment transcript)


Application contravenes 7 policies in the adopted Hickling Neighbourhood Plan:


H2 – LOCALLY IMPORTANT VIEWS – proposal does not protect or enhance views along the canal from Main Street (2) or the Canal Basin from Main Street (3) but adversely and negatively impacts these views.


H3: TRANQUILLITY – The placing of a wide beamed barge in the Canal Basin, resulting in increased capacity, an increased number of visitors, an increased number of vehicles, an increase in noise levels and an increase in the volume of overspill of visitor traffic onto Main Street will clearly result in a further loss in local tranquillity and will impact negatively on the tranquillity currently enjoyed by residents and visitors to the village. This proposal will adversely affect the character and the beauty of the countryside and will cause significant harm to the character of the Conservation Area.


H5: ECOLOGY and BIODIVERSITY – proposal will harm the network of local ecological features and habitats which include, in this instance, (8) Grantham Canal.


H7: LOCAL GREEN SPACES – proposal will harm the openness and special character of a Local Green Space and its significance and value to the local community, specifically in this instance, (1) the Canal Basin, Hickling.


H8: FEATURES OF LOCAL HERITAGE INTEREST – proposal will adversely affect a feature of local heritage interest, the Plough Inn, and cause significant harm to the character of the Hickling Conservation Area and the potential loss of the Plough Inn (an Asset of Community Value and a non-designated Heritage Asset).


H9: LOCAL DESIGN – proposal does not meet the design requirements of the HNP and does not ensure that heritage is conserved or that the distinctive character of Hickling village is reflected and maintained.


H18: GRANTHAM CANAL and HICKLING BASIN (ACV) – proposal pays no regard to the significance of the heritage assets of the canal, does not protect and enhance the ecological value of the canal (in accordance with Policy H5), has not fully assessed and addressed the traffic implications or considered future traffic management and offers no protection for the tranquillity of the Grantham Canal and Hickling Basin or its heritage assets.


Other grounds for objection – policy contraventions:


National Planning Policy Framework


Rushcliffe Core Strategy 10 – Local Plan (Designing and Enhancing Local Identity):


Core Strategy 13 (Culture, Tourism and Sport)


Core Strategy Policy 17 (Biodiversity)


Hickling Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan


Policy EN2 – Non-statutory replacement local plan (environment)


Nature Conservation – Policy ENV14


Parking and Traffic – Policy EN1


Policy EN14 of the Non-statutory Local Plan


Reference: 23/01953/AGRIC

Applicant: Mr. Rob Holt

Development: Agricultural storage barn

Location: Agricultural Field To The West Of Main Street, Hickling Road, Hickling, Nottinghamshire


RESOLVED – NO OBJECTION with conditions:


Conditions requested:


  1. Working hours for developing the site are restricted to the following times:

Monday to Friday 8.00am – 5.00pm (including deliveries to site)

Weekends and Bank Holidays – no working or deliveries


  1. To protect the amenity of neighbours – a condition be attached restricting the use of the barn for storage of produce from the farm and the secure storage of machinery only.
    The barn should not be used for the storage of livestock or for the storage of slurry or sewage sludge.
  2. A lighting assessment should be submitted to the local planning authority if external security or flood lighting is to be installed, to protect and safeguard the amenity of the neighbouring properties.


  1. Decision Notices


NCC reference. 8/22/01279/CMA

Proposed Development: Southern extension to the waste wood and green waste storage yard (part retrospective)

Location: John Brookes Sawmill, off the A46, Nr Widmerpool. NG12 5PS

Applicant: Mr John Brookes


PERMISSION REFUSED on 7 November 2023


Appeal Ref: APP/HGW/535

Turnpike Farm, Hickling Pastures, Melton Mowbray LE14 3QG


The application ref: 21/00190/HEDGE, dated 25 October 2021, was refused by notice dated

02 December 2021. The proposal was to remove 109 metres of hedgerow




Town & Country Planning Act 1990, Section 211, Notice of Proposed Works to trees in Hickling Conservation Area


Reduce and Thin 2 Cherry Trees, Fell Holly, Apple and Pear at 14 Harles Acres


  1. Portfolio Group Reports


Finance and Administration – Cllr Prosser


Parish Clerk vacancy – interviews currently taking place.


ACV – The Plough Inn listed on the ACV register 6th October 2023


Conservation Area Appraisal – awaiting formal adoption by Rushcliffe Borough Council


Parish Councillor vacancy – one vacancy remains. To be readvertised on noticeboards, website, Hickling Standard and social media.


Correspondence – next meeting of the Rushcliffe South Villages Community Safety Group (RSVCSG) – 17th January 2024 at 11.00am at the West Park Sports Pavilion, West Park, Loughborough Road, West Bridgford. Agenda to follow.


Annual Risk Assessment – quotation estimate received for the remedial works identified in the annual risk assessment – AGREED contractor to proceed.


Environment – Cllr Green & Playle


Roadside verges– NCC have now cut and cleared the verges. AGREED that wild flower seeds to be purchased and spread by Cllr Playle. NCC to be asked to cut and clear in the same manner next year.


WI Poplar tree – replacement now on order. Cllr Playle to plant and protect once delivered.

Highways and Street Furniture – Cllr Rowe


Noticeboard relocation still awaiting relocation. Contractor waiting for a new sign to be made for the board – Cllr Rowe to follow up with contractor and report at next meeting.

Assets – Cllr Prosser


Cemetery – denotation of unconsecrated area of parish cemetery, boulders still unavailable. AGREED that privet hedge to be priced up for planting in Spring.


Cemetery  – maintenance work on gravestones – family contact details being established.


Walkers’ Green November inspection – Cllr Green to carry out.


Wild Flower Gateways – Cllr Green to seek grant funding for wild flower village gateway scheme.


Community Engagement – Cllr Green & Cllr Lamb


Website – now LIVE. Local groups being encouraged to engage with the new site. Councillors to have new email addresses for contact purposes.

  1. Ward Member Reports


Borough Councillor Combellack:


Town and Parish Forum – attended an interesting meeting re. planning, allocation of CIL money, Neighbourhood Plans and new biodiversity regulations.


Rural Crime meeting – new neighbourhood coordinator. Cllr Combellack has requested that a PCSO attend one of Hickling PC’s meeting. Invitation to be sent and PCSO to be added to circulation group for agendas.

Reminder for parishioners to report even the tiniest concern to 101.


Parking on pavements – requested that a notice be placed in the Hickling Standard asking parishioners and visitors to the village to park considerately and not to park on pavements. Cllr Green to also place request on the new parish website.


  1. Finance


Balance of accounts        07.11.2023


Current Account             £ 14,344.08


Reserve Account            £  3,875.16



Payments due:


Cheque no.        Payee                           Description                                           Amount


000861              HMRC                           Income tax & NIC (Clerk)

October 2023                                          £   86.60


000862              Royal British Legion         Poppy Appeal wreath                               £   19.00


BACS                Julie Holland                   Clerk’s salary

01.10.23 – 31.10.23                                 Addendum


BACS                Julie Holland                   Clerk’s expenses

01.10.23 – 31.10.23                                 £   26.00


BACS                Steve Green                   WordPress
Website re-direct (annual)                         £   13.20


BACS                NetWise UK                    Website hosting, support &

maintenance (annual)                               £ 396.00

Date of next meeting: 19th December.

No further business – meeting closed at 9.30pm




Appendix 1:


Planning Applications – Consultee Comments – Parish Council full transcripts:


Reference: 23/01651/FUL
Location: A E Faulks Ltd, The Wharf, Main Street, Hickling, Nottinghamshire



Reference: 23/01813/FUL
Location: Turnpike Farm, Melton Road, Hickling Pastures, Nottinghamshire LE14 3QG



Reference: 23/01955/FUL

Location: Old Wharf Tea Rooms, Main Street, Hickling, Nottinghamshire LE14 3AH



Reference: 23/01953/AGRIC

Location: Agricultural Field To The West Of Main Street, Hickling Road, Hickling, Nottinghamshire