Delegated Powers for Planning

Policies Uploaded on May 2, 2024

Hickling Parish Council

Response to Planning Applications Scheme of Delegation


Version: 1


Date: Adopted on 20.2.24 Minute reference 24.2.7




The Local Government Act 1972, section101, gives a parish council power to delegate decisions to a committee, a subcommittee reporting to a committee, or the clerk, being the council’s proper officer.


Response to Planning Applications – Delegation to the Clerk


In the situation where a planning application is received that requires a response prior to the next full council meeting, and no extension of time to the deadline is permitted by the Local Planning Authority, the council delegates the decision and submission of the response to the clerk in consultation with the Parish Council. Consultation may be by correspondence, including email, remotely, or meeting in person.


Decisions made under delegation will be reported to and minuted at the next full council meeting.


Under delegation to the clerk, and in particular with regard to controversial or major development proposals, the clerk in consultation with the Chair of the Parish Council, may decide that a parish meeting and/or an extraordinary meeting of the council be called to consider the matter.