February 2024 PC meeting Minutes

Parish Council Minutes Uploaded on February 27, 2024

Hickling Parish Council Meeting

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 20th February 2024 at the Village Hall, Hickling commencing at 7.00pm.

Councillors present: Cllrs Playle (Chair), Conway, Lamb and Rowe.

Also in attendance: Cate Stokes (Parish Clerk), 5 parishioners.

24.3.1 Opening – Cllr Playle opened the meeting at 7.00PM with a reminder of meeting protocol; asking that members of the public limit conversations amongst themselves and to please raise their hand and wait to be called on when wishing to raise a point.

24.3.2 Apologies – Cllrs Green and Prosser, NC Cllr Cottee and RBC Cllr Combellack.

24.3.3 Declarations of interest – None

24.3.4 Acceptance of minutes – minutes from the meeting held of 29th January 2024 were reviewed and accepted.

24.3.5 Open session

  • Parishioner raised concerns that the dog bins along the canal path are rather full and require emptying. It was observed that this usually happens on a Thursday morning. If they remain full after this then it should be reported to streetwise team.
  • Bench in parish cemetery is unsafe. Clerk to find out who is responsible for the bench as it is a memorial.
  • Parishioner wished to note they had observed a large amount of cars parked at the Wharf when walking there recently. Cllr Playle also observed a lot of cars recently even when the tea-rooms are closed. It was noted that since lockdown walkers have “discovered Hickling” and there has been a significant increase in parked cars causing difficulty for traffic to pass particularly tractors. PC noted that the only solution would be to restrict parking but this would be hard to police. It was felt that a car park would be a bad solution, as it would encourage even more traffic to the village.
  • Hickling pastures notice board update – post has gone in and the name change is in progress hope to install by the end of March.
  • Tree planting – permissions need to be sort from land pwners to site trees. Cllr Conway to liase and update when further information has been received.
  • Cllr Playle has received correspondence raising concerns about the state of the road surface on the A606 in Hickling pastures. Cllr Cottee had updated in April that the resurfacing was scheduled. However, recent correspondence received by Cllr Rowe stated that NCC were monitoring the situation but did not intend to resurface until after the building of service area. The PC agree that this is not an ideal situation as the surface is deteriorating rapidly and motorists are increasingly driving dangerously – on the wrong side of the road or slowing down rapidly after the roundabout – to avoid damage to their cars. The situation is becoming quite treacherous and an accident is likely. Clerk to write to NCC and Cllr Combellack and Neil Clarke to see if something can be done sooner.

24.3.6 Ward members reports

Cllr Combellack (via email)

  • Flood grants available and flood warden training is available with 80 residents and Cllrs being trained at a recent Saturday session.
  • Flooding at the south end of main street – work been requested and hopefully NCC will inspect again soon and address blocked gulley
  • Funding application form given for laptop money, suggest approaching Cllr Cottee for a contribution also.
  • Cemetery stones – too wet for painting so not in place yet.

24.3.7 Items requiring a decision

  • Consider the formation of a community flood warden scheme and or flood group

Several schemes available flood improvement vs emergency response

Flood warden scheme AGREED with volunteers to store signs and receive training to deploy signs where required.

Problem at South end of the village with possible blocked culvert and drains raised – Cllr Playle to investigate


  • To consider the formation of a planning working group (PWG) to discuss planning matters arising where the deadline for response falls before the next full PC meeting.

 Clerk outlined policy to delegate response to planning applications to the Clerk in consultation with the PC where they are not deemed to be controversial and where an extension to the consultation deadline has been refused. Consultation will be via email or meeting in person. All decisions will be reported and minuted at the next full council meeting.

Proposed by Cllr Playle, seconded by Cllr Lamb – all AGREED

24.3.7 Other items

  • Walkers green inspection – Cllr Lamb to conduct Feb inspection.
  • Overgrown stile and missing footpath signs – Cllr Playle reported that he had noticed a fallen footpath sign and apparent overgrown brambles on a stile leading off Green Lane. It was noted that the land the footpath crosses has been subject to planning applications in the past and therefore concerns were raised that there had been an attempt to make the footpath less obvious to reduce use and lead to the closing of the footpath in the future. – Clerk to draft letter to NCC to make them aware and arrange replacing of the sign.
  • Hickling pastures notice board – Update received above
  • Traffic calming surveys – Cllr Playle has received correspondence from a concerned resident that recent traffic calming surveys had not been inclusive of the village. After conducting research and taking advice from NCC, the Parish Council concluded that we are unlikely to meet the criteria for traffic calming. However an independent traffic survey has been carried out by a concerned resident, which does not involve HPC.

24.3.8 Correspondence

  • Authority wide design code – comments by 29th February

This is a district wide version of the HNP (Hickling Neighbourhood Plan) therefore referring back to the HNP was suggested when providing comments.

Cllr Playle wished to add comments relating to flood attenuation and alleviation plans for developments.

Cllr Rowe will forward previous comments on traffic calming to Clerk to be included

Parishioner suggested regulations to prevent increased density that is being seen where houses are being extended or replace in such away that the percentage of free space significantly reduced.

  • Lilac Cottage parked car – Parishioner noted that the street light by the car is on overnight and the car is clearly visible. PC note that the parking is not illegal and is well within the 30MPH zone of the village therefore can safely be navigated.
  • Received from Notts CC advising that the existing customer service email address will no longer be in use. Contact needs to be directed through online form.
  • Received from NCC – they have inspected the reported blocked drain at South end Hickling village and decision will be taken on necessary action.
  • Invitation for Cllrs to attend Town and Parish Forum received to be held at Rushcliffe Arena on Friday 22nd March 2024 from 9.30am – 12.30pm no one free to attend
  • Reminder from Cllr Combellack about the great British spring clean (village litter pick) Date agreed for 10am Sunday 17th Meeting at the Wharf. –Clerk to advertise and Cllr Playle and Clerk to organise equipment

Cllr Rowe queried the bumper and tire tracks that have been deposited on Bridegate Lane – Clerk to contact streetwise to organise removal.

24.3.10 Decision Notices

 Reference no: 23/01974/FUL
Applicant: Mr & Mrs Dhaliwal

Development: New build dwelling to existing amenity space with associated landscaping. New access with drop kerb and parking. New front gate.
Location: Willow House Melton Road Hickling Pastures Nottinghamshire LE14 3QG

Application REFUSED

Town & Country Planning Act 1990, Section 211, Notice of Proposed Works to Trees in Hickling Conservation Area

Fell Sycamore and London Plane at 2 Marshes Paddock

Application PERMITTED

Town & Country Planning Act 1990, Section 211, Notice of Proposed Works to Trees in Hickling Conservation Area

Continue Rotation System of Pollarding Willow and Occasional Ash Around The Ponds To The Rear of Glebe Farm

Application PERMITTED 

24.3.11 Finance

Consider changes to the current bank mandate to remove Julie Holland (previous Clerk) and add current Clerk as authorised signatories. – Proposed by Cllr Playle, Seconded by Cllr Lamb –All AGREED


Balance of accounts: 09/02/24

Current Account: 12891.81

Reserve Account: 3889.34

Cheque no, Payee Description Amount
BACS Clerk Donation for use of church PC meeting 29th Jan £10
BACS NALC invoice 3134 Membership £148.80
BACS R.A.Salt invoice 7102 Cemetery and Walker’s Green Maintenance £3084.00


Date of next meeting 26th March


No further business – meeting closed 8.05pm