January 2024 Minutes

Parish Council Minutes Uploaded on January 30, 2024

Hickling Parish Council Meeting

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 11th January 2024 in the Village hall commencing at 7.00pm.

Councillors present: Playle (Chair), Lamb and Conway.
Also in attendance: Cate Stokes (Parish Clerk), and 5 parishioners.

24.1.1.    Opening – Cllr Playle opened the meeting at 7pm

24.1.2.    Apologies – Cllrs Green, Prosser and Rowe also Cllr Combellack (RBC) and NC Cllr Cottee. 

24.1.3.    Declarations of interest – none

24.1.4.   Acceptance of minutes from 19th December – APPROVED and signed by Cllr Playle as a true record.

24.1.5.    Open session _

  • Dog mess on path between Bridegate lane and canal–parishioner raised concerns about the increase in the amount of dog mess being left on the paths and along the canal.

PC noted that there are bins and signs in these areas – Clerk will arrange for reminder to be placed on PC website and look into putting something in the Hickling Standard to remind people to pick up after their dogs.

  • Closure of Peapods nursery – parishioner wished to raise awareness about the closure of the nursery in Hickling Pastures due to lack of staff and suggests that this could be due to lack of bus service for lower waged staff required by the nursery to get to the site.

PC to make contact with the nursery to find out why they closed

  • Assistance with flood prevention – parishioner raised concerns about how many homes were affected by the flooding in Hickling in the recent heavy rain. Suggest that there are areas along the canal and Dalby Brook that need to be looked at to help prevent further issues.

Cllr Playle to contact parishioner to arrange to look at these areas.
Another parishioner pointed out that risk of flooding in certain houses is significantly increased by the creation of bow waves when traffic continues to pass through flood water.

Clerk to circulate information from CC about creation of community groups to place out flood signs on roads and issue to be discussed further at the next full PC meeting.

Parishioners wished to thank Cllr Combellack for her help during the recent floods and commended her proactive approach in getting the sandbags etc to the places they were needed.

END OF OPEN SESSION – 1 parishioner left the meeting at 7.30

24.1.6 Planning applications

Reference Number: 21/00432/FUL
Applicant: Dr Matthew Blades
Development: Continued mixed farm and forestry use of part of farm yard for logging enterprise (Retrospective)

Location: Land At Hickling Pastures Melton Road Hickling Pastures Nottinghamshire


  • The PC is extremely concerned about the impact that the activities at the farmyard are having on its neighbours particularly in relation to the noise, dust and smoke pollution observed. The PC notes the comments and evidence supplied by the neighbours in relation to vehicle movement and machinery operating in unsociable hours.
  • The PC believes this application results in a change of use from agricultural to industrial operation unrelated to the farm; it does not use timber from the farm or even local land. Therefore there is no limitation on its expansion or to prevent development into other industrial operations, which may have further negative impacts.

Reference Number: 23/01974/FUL
Applicant: Mr & Mrs Dhaliwal
Development: New build dwelling to existing amenity space with associated landscaping. New access with drop kerb and parking. New front gate.
Location: Willow House Melton Road Hickling Pastures Nottinghamshire LE14 3QG


Application contravenes 3 policies of the adopted Hickling Neighbourhood plan – for further detail on HNP policies please consult the Parish website.



The proposal requests the building of a new large (>3 bedrooms) dwelling on previously unused land and therefore the PC objects to this application. The PC notes no significant change in the application from previous submission and therefore resolved to object for the same reasons as previously.

24.1.7 Decision notices

Reference: 23/01955/FUL
Applicant: Mr. C Grice
Development: Proposed use of a wide beamed canal boat for additional seating for existing tea room with associated additional parking
Location: Old Wharf Tea Rooms, Main Street, Hickling, Nottinghamshire LE14 3AH

Cllr Playle – suggested that this be followed with Rushcliffe planning to see if further similar applications could be prevented since this application has been resubmitted and discussed on several occasions.

Town & Country Planning Act 1990, Section 211, Notice of Proposed Works to trees in Hickling Conservation Area

Fell damaged multi-stemmed Ash to the rear of the Plough Inn

Decision – proposed work may proceed.

24.1.8 Portfolio group reports
Publication of draft minutes – post draft version of minutes for meetings on notice boards and website.

Resolve – SUPPORT

Demarcation of unconsecrated part of the cemetery

  • A quote for planting of a privet hedge, as agreed at 14th November PC meeting, has been obtained by Cllr Playle.
  • Correspondence from Cllr Combellack has also been received stating that stones to demarcate this area of the cemetery have also been obtained.

Cllr Playle to obtain a quote for future cost for upkeep of the privet hedge further discussion scheduled for the next meeting of the PC. If a privet hedge is required this needs to be planted before the end of February to meet the planting season.

Parish community notice boards – Due to there being several locations around the village for community groups to post information it was considered that the replacement of the notice board at the end of Long Clawson Lane is not required at this time.

Coronation money – Discussed planting a tree (£250 RBC granted)

Refund of money for clearing the hall jitty – Clerk has contacted Via to request a refund for the work carried out on the path alongside the village hall last year.

Correspondence – the next meeting of the Rushcliffe South villages community safety group will take place on 17th January 2024 at 1100 at the West Park Sports Pavilion, West Park, Loughborough Road, West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire, NG2 7JE. Open to neighbourhood watch coordinators, Parish (and Borough) Councillors / Clerks / Officers, Farm Watch and any others with an interest or role in community safety.

Environment– nothing to report

Highways and Street Furniture – nothing to report

Walker’s green inspection – performed by Cllr Lamb

Community Engagement – nothing to report

24.1.9 Ward Member Reports –

Cllr Combellack (via email) – notice has been received about the works on the A46 between Widmerpool and Six hills. There will be a contraflow system in place for the end of January

Clerk to post information on parish notice boards.

Cllr Cottee (via email) – the traffic calming issue has been passed to NCC for consideration.

24.1.10 Finance

Balance of accounts: 02/01/2024

Current Account.      £13831.55

Reserve Account.      £3884.25

Cheque no.                Payee                                                                                    Description                                        Amount 

BACS             Naturescape Wildflowers (P. Playle)                                                    Rewilding                                                   £100

BACS                    History group                                                                                     Lengthman’s hut signage                         £250

 24.1.11 Date for annual precept and budget approval – Propose 30th January 2024
No further business – meeting closed at 8pm

Minutes agreed at meeting of the PC held on January 29th 2024 however, Cllr Prosser noted that after further discussion with the history group it had been agreed that the PC would continue to hold the £250 in reserve for the time being.