Minutes PC meeting 19th December 2023

Parish Council Minutes Uploaded on February 13, 2024

Hickling Parish Council Meeting


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 19th December 2023 in the Village hall commencing at 7.00pm.


Councillors present: Playle (Chair), Lamb and Rowe.

Also in attendance: Cate Stokes (Parish Clerk), Cllr Combellack (RBC) and 2 parishioners.


  1. Opening – Cllr Playle opened the meeting at 7pm


  1. Apologies – Cllrs Conway, Green and Prosser, also NC Cllr Cottee.


  1. Declarations of interest – none


  1. Acceptance of minutes from 14th November and 7th December – APPROVED and signed by Cllr Playle as a true record.


  1. Open session

Parishioner – cars still being parked on the pavement causing an obstruction especially for getting wheel chairs past. PC agreed this is a problem in the village. Cllr Lamb has spoken to owner of one vehicle and it has been moved.


Correspondance passed to PC from Borough Cllr Combellack detailing several points to be addressed at future meetings.


Cllr Playle – comment on previous correspondence relating to Cllr Combellack joining the drainage board.  A motion has been presented to parliament about changing the way we deal with drainage and planning applications.




  1. Planning applications

Ref. 23/02192/FUL

Applicant: Mr Paul Sharp

Development: Demolition of detached garage construct single storey rear Flat Roof extension and Associated Rear Patio Area. (Re-submission)

Location: 23 Harles Acres Hickling Nottinghamshire LE14 3AF




  1. Decision notices

Ref. 23/01540/LBC
Applicant: Mr Eric Parkes
Development: Remove existing windows & replace with double-glazed windows
Location: Church Farm, Main Street, Hickling, Nottinghamshire LE14 3AJ


Decision: Granted


Ref. 23/01651/FUL

Applicant: Mr Paul Frost

Development: Replacement of existing structures and units on site with 2 no. detached houses and 2 no. semi-detached houses alongside additional open green space. Change of use to residential dwellings (class C3). Detention pond.

Location: A E Faulks Ltd The Wharf Main Street Hickling Nottinghamshire LE14 3AH


Decision: Granted with conditions


Ref. 23/01813/FUL
Applicant: Mr David Taylor
Development: New agricultural building to be used as a cattle shed
Location: Turnpike Farm, Melton Road, Hickling Pastures, Nottinghamshire LE14 3QG


Decision: Granted


Ref. 23/01953/AGRIC

Applicant: Mr Robert Holt

Development: Agricultural storage barn.

Location: Agricultural Field To The West Of Main Street/Hickling Road, Hickling, Nottinghamshire.


PERMISSION REFUSED – Cllr Playle commented that this was surprising given the wording of the design and access statement on the original application that had suggested this was a permitted development and further comments by the PC would have been ineffectual.


  1. Portfolio group reports


Finance and Administration – Cllr Prosser


Ringfenced monies: Request release of money (£250) to local history group to fund the third sign to be positioned at the Lengthman’s hut.


RESOLVED to release money, all agreed


Cllr Combellack queried the sum of money suggesting it should be greater. Clerk to check amount with Cllr Prosser and arrange for release of funds.


Environment – Cllrs Green and Playle


Black Poplar tree now planted in the cemetery.


Cllr Rowe noted that RBC have offered the village 5 fruit trees to plant – location to be discussed and decided at future meeting of HPC.


Traffic calming/HGVs in Hickling –

  • PC have received and reviewed the 28 surveys passed to them from Cllr Combellack relating to residents desire for traffic calming within the village.
  • Cllr Combellack reported that NC Cllr Cottee has presented this issue to the county council.
  • Cllr Playle – information received from Cllr Green detailing how to apply for traffic calming measures. If the PC is to apply for such measures it requires STRONG support and involvement from community and there is concern that the current survey only assessed the views of a small subset of local residents.
  • PC note that this is a complex issue that will require further investigation


RESOLVE to write to Notts CC to ask for their suggestions on how to proceed.


Highways and Street Furniture – Cllr Rowe


A606 repairs/ resurfacing update – Via East midlands don’t intend to repair road until RSA is put in place. Monthly inspections performed and small repairs completed when needed.


Noticeboard update – First post going in on 26th December


Assets – Cllr Prosser

Walker’s green monthly inspection – Cllr Lamb to complete


Community Engagement – Cllrs Green and Lamb

Website update – is live and being updated, Cllrs all have emails now.


  1. Ward Member Reports –

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIF) – Cllr Combellack gave further clarification about the scheme to the PC


Owthorpe poultry farm objection appeal – Cllr Combellack wished to make the PC aware of the date of the appeal and to encourage people who maybe affected by this decision to attend the appeal on 9th January.


  1. Finance –

Balance of accounts

Current account – £13831.55

Reserve Account – £3879.78


Payments due


Cheque no.            Payee                                    Description                                                Amount

BACS                        NALC                        New councillor training (inv 3040)                                    £35.00

BACS                        NALC                        New Clerk training (inv 3041)                                    £60.00

BACS                        Village Hall            Hall Hire Invoice                                                            £72.00


Date of next meeting: 9th January 2024


No further business – meeting closed at 8pm