Election July 2024

General Election 4th July 2024

Residents will be heading to the polls on Thursday July 4 for the General Election and are encouraged to ensure they registered to vote, and apply for a postal or proxy vote, as early as possible.

In order to vote in this election, residents must be on the electoral register and we are urging those who have not registered at their current address to do so by 11:59pm onTuesday June 18 on the Government website.


If residents voted in the elections earlier this month there is no need to re-register providing they have not moved address.


Anyone who wants to vote by post must apply for a postal vote by 5pm on Wednesday June 19.


If residents are on holiday or can’t make polling day and need a proxy vote, they must apply for a proxy vote by 5pm on Wednesday June 26.

Anyone who does not have an accepted form of photo ID requires a Voter Authority Certificate to vote in person and they must apply for the free certificate by 5pm on Wednesday June 26.


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