Parish Council Portfolio Groups

Parish Council Portfolio Groups

Portfolio Groups

Portfolio Groups – the Parish Council was modernised in 2022 to allow the formation of portfolio groups to enable the division of jobs between the Councillors. Each portfolio group aligns to the interests and skills of the Councillors assigned to them however, all decisions are brought to full council meetings for discussion and resolution.

  1. Finance & Administration– Cllr Prosser

The Councillor covering this portfolio works closely with the Clerk dealing with matters covering:

– Finance & Procurement (including budget and precept setting)

– HR matters

– Working documents (including standing orders, financial regulations, policies and minutes)

– Health & Safety

  1. Environment– Cllrs Playle and Conway

– Grantham Canal (including Basin)

– LNR status

– Flooding

– Tree planting / wildflowers / verges

– Waste bins & fly tipping

  1. Highways & Street Furniture– Cllrs Rowe, Lamb and Conway

– Roads and Footpaths

– Benches

– Signs

– Speeding (& reducing speeding)

  1. Assets– Cllr Prosser

Including annual audit, risk assessment, repairs and maintenance of all assets in the Parish:

– Parish Cemetery, Clawson Lane

– Walkers’ Green

  1. Community Engagement – Cllrs Green and Lamb

How we listen to the community and give them a voice, including:

– Consultations, referendums and large-scale planning matters

– Ongoing engagement (e.g., a yearly process to establish Parish priorities)

– Involving the community (e.g., participating in or organising events such as Jubilee)

– Communicating the work of the Parish Council (via our website, social media noticeboards,    Hickling Standard etc.)

  1. Hickling Pastures – Cllr Rowe

– Anything / everything to do with Hickling Pastures

Snow Wardens – Cllr Playle and Green

– Deploy salt from bins in times when it is likely to be icy

– Clear and make safe as many paths as possible in times of heavy snow fall

Grant applications – Cllr Green

Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator – Cllr Prosser

Village Hall Representative – Cllr Prosser